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Saw Milling The Best Carpenters make the fewest chips

At Natures Fell, saw milling is at the heart of what we do. Whether we are pulling trees off a truck headed for the landfill, or we come to your property and salvage the trees on site. The sawmill allows us to meticulously cut trees, breaking them down into useable lumber, slabs, architectural elements and mantels. Instead of sending your trees to the chipper or off to rot  in a landfill, why not use your trees to enhance the overall beauty and value of your home.

We have a fantastic program for those clearing land to build their new dream home. Once the trees are down, allow us to come in and take it from there. We will mill, store, kiln dry and transform your trees into your usable wood products for your new home. Do you have an abundance of trees on your property to mill? With our portable sawmill we can bring our mill to you! No need to waste the wood! Allow our trained staff to suggest ways to get the most out of your trees!

Be as involved as you want, we allow you to get your hands dirty and help us out as we take your tree and transform it into the one of a kind wood product of your dreams. From cutting the tree open on our mill through design and fabrication, you can be as involved as you want, making the Nature’s Fell Experience extremely unique.

Call us at 732-624-9011 to help us save trees and reveal their natural beauty. Or just walk in and let your imagination run wild!



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