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Salvaging Trees Options for Your Tree’s Future

Salvaging trees is Nature’s Fell’s raison d’ tree. The idea for our business was born of our driving around in the wake of Hurricane Sandy and seeing all the downed trees – majestic old-growth trees that were being cut up for firewood or, worse, sent to rot in landfills.

We felt there had to be a better way to deal with the fallen trees. And we found it. We give them new life as beautifully crafted furniture and architectural elements.

Nature’s Fell salvages logs only when they’re destined for mulch or a landfill. We generally barter for trees; we don’t purchase them. Rather, we work with people who want to save their trees, people who appreciate that wood comes from trees, not from a store, and want to preserve that wood as a thing of beauty.

We don’t fell trees, but we do recommend tree companies that do that work. Then we come in with a trailer and grappler and take the tree(s). We offer such ancillary services as chipping and splitting; while we’re there, we can do those tasks for you.

If you have a fallen tree on your property, or a tree that you’re having cut down, call us at 732-624-9011 to discuss options for your tree’s future. Or just walk in.


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