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Our Story
Born of Devastations

New Jersey will never forget the incredible devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy. The incredible waves, tidal surge and winds destroyed so many homes, changing the landscape forever.

Gradually, homes have been rebuilt, yet people won’t soon forget the trauma of being displaced, of living without electricity, of standing in long lines to fuel their cars and generators.

But few took much notice of – or remember – the landscape’s hardest-hit elements: the trees. Sandy uprooted millions, many of them dating to the birth of our nation. In the best cases, these casualties were turned into something useful but expendable – wood chips, mulch and firewood – by tree companies profiting from the devastation. The majority, sadly, were sent to rot, forgotten, in landfills.

As we watched firewood and chip piles growing daily, we thought there must be a way to keep the trees living in people’s hearts. That gave birth to an idea: We would give the trees lasting life by transforming them into beautiful wood artifacts for people to enjoy and pass along to future generations.


A Multitude of Products from Your Trees and Ours

Nature’s Fell produces its array of products only from local trees, obtained in and around New Jersey. The variety is surprisingly broad, from white and black oak, honey locust, black walnut, black gum and cottonwood to hickory, American beech, ambrosia, sugar maple, cherry, cedar, poplar and more. Recently, a client even brought us a New Jersey-grown sequoia!
Once you fell your trees and we saw them, a multitude of products can come out of wood, representing different stages of refinement from finely finished furniture to flooring or wall covering to rough-sawn decking and dunnage.

We also offer products made from our own stock. You’re welcome to shop online or in person.

As a next step, we hope to take a presentation about Nature’s Fell to schools, and teach children where wood comes from and how we create beautiful, useful things with it.


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