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Kiln Drying Don’t Take Anything Less Than Kiln Dried Wood

Kiln drying is a very important step when transforming trees into premium wood products. Properly drying wood improves the strength of the lumber, kills infestations of bugs, hardens pitch, preserves color, reduces weight and controls overall shrinkage. This making it ideal for proper matching, gluing and finishing. Lumber that is not dried under controlled conditions is prone to warping, checking, staining, and other issues that will make the wood difficult to work with.

When a tree falls it generally has a moisture content of around 75% and for fine furniture we aim for a moisture content of 8%. With our custom made 40ft dehumidification kiln, we have the ability to dry up to 3500 board feet of wood at a fraction of the time of traditional methods. This allows us to have a growing inventory of wood products that are ready to be installed in your home.

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