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Barn Doors

Our mission is to put Mother Natures’s beauty on display. We strive to work with people who can truly appreciate the unique beauty of every piece of wood and are looking to bring that beauty into their homes.

A door can be a door, or a door can be a work of art and a great conversation piece.  So if you are looking for custom one of kind doors, you have come to the right place. Not only do we make every door from a locally salvaged wood, but we build them using the highest standards of carpentry. From the handcrafted mortise and tenon to the custom design and finish, you can be sure that each door we produce is completely unique.

Choose from a variety of woods and countless designs options as we work together to build the doors you have always dreamed of.  You can even be a part of the fun, come down to the shop and get your hands dirty as you play a role in bringing your doors to life.

Do you have your own wood would like to use, even Better! Allow our craftsmen to mill your wood into the wood we use to construct your doors.

Please call or email us at treesaver@naturesfell.com or 732-624-9011 and let us know what you had in mind. We would love to be a part of the process.



Contact us with your ideas and questions.
Call us at (732) 624-9011 Or just stop by.