Beauty Born of Devastation

Born of the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy and driven by our passion for working with wood, Nature’s Fell creates one-of-a-kind heirloom furniture from fallen trees. We work with trees felled by storms, or by a tree company, to resurrect the beautiful wood within. Often, property owners contract for removal of a mature tree and ask as to render that tree new life as a unique dining table or as a stunning architectural focal point for their home.

Where the Magic Happens…

At the heart of Nature’s Fell’s 6,000 square-foot woodworker’s dream workshop is a Woodmizer LT40 SuperHydraulic Sawmaill which is used to transform the salvaged trees into usable lumber. If your desire is to create large table tops and cabinetry, our Alaskan Chain Sawmill can cut a 5-foot diameter tree into giant live edge slabs. Utilizing the shop’s large breath of woodworking equipment, our craftsmen will build and expertly finish a table or bench in a style and design of your choosing. The end result is magnificent furniture that you will treasure for generations to come.

Nature’s Fell’s capabilities aren’t limited to building furniture…

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We can kiln-dry wood on our premises. We can work on a large scale with heavy equipment to move the huge logs we transform into furniture or flooring or produce posts and beams to retrofit a room or construct a timber-frame house or barn. We also do fine finish work, including carving, and make artisan products: smaller-scale home furnishings, sculpture, functional art objects and more.

Salvaging and reclaiming fallen trees to make something special is a unique business, and it’s not unusual for clients who share our passion to come and just hang out in our workshop. We welcome them and we welcome you.

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